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Unfolding your potential

In everything we do, we strive to help you boost your productivity, efficiency and flexibility. We are here to help you get ready for the new world. Let us show you how to do that!

Watch this video and learn what Actonic can do for you in under 2 minutes.

Atlassian Solution Partner

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Tailor-made solutions focusing on
the essence of your pain points

Here at Actonic, customers’ needs have always been our top priority. We are passionate about solving their problems and thus creating real added value. Our approach is solution-oriented rather than product-oriented. We start by thoroughly analyzing the situation and identifying challenges. From there, our experts decide which software, platform or workflow will bring the best benefits for your particular environment. Unfold your potential with Actonic and let us be a trusted partner to transform your enterprise.

Actonic solutions for Atlassian products

Jira and Confluence are the first choice when it comes to collaboration and project management. We’ll help you get the most of these tools: our apps extend functionality for improved speed and flexibility and also provide a unique toolkit to help you become GDPR-compliant quickly and easily.

Actonic presents: Click & Run

Your one-click solution for flexible Jira and Confluence instances. Create, discard, and switch between multiple server installations within minutes for demo, testing, or training purposes. Manage your infrastructure quickly, easily, securely and flexibly.