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Inline Table Editing

Edit your tables and rows effortlessly, without entering edit mode. Working with long tables has never been easier!

Available for Confluence Server and Confluence Data Center.



Edit any cell by double-clicking

Edit any cell directly without entering edit mode – just double-click on it and make the necessary changes.

Change table structure

Insert or delete rows and columns, move rows, merge or split table cells or even drag and drop rows and columns – and no, you do not have to enter edit mode to do so.

Track the changes

Delete rows only with a confirmation dialog to prevent accidentally losing data. Track all the changes as they will be saved in the page history.

Administration & Configuration

More Details

Have you ever felt frustrated trying to edit huge tables in Confluence? Have you found yourself needing extra functionality to streamline the editing process? We have that covered. Unfold your Confluence editing potential with our app:

  • Inline Table Editing – no need to enter edit mode;
  • Edit single cells directly by double-clicking on them;
  • Insert macros;
  • Edit single rows;
  • Modify the structure of your table directly.

Switching between modes is the thing of the past. Enjoy the increased convenience and efficiency even when working with long tables.

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