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Xray Test Management for Jira

Every business software has to fulfill a lot of requirements – if it is during a project or for the business-wide usage by different teams. To specify and meet those needs, testing and quality management will have to take place during the development phases. For the development success the testing environment should pay attention to specific factors as well.

Our Partner Xpand IT, developer of the test management tool Xray, created a productive, purposeful testing environment. As partner of Xpand IT, we train you and your team in the profitable usage of this Xray Test management for Jira.

Certificate of Attendance Xray training

Training variants & content

Target group
Content Duration
Testing Basics
For test managers
  • What is Xray?
  • How does Xray work?
  • How to create test structures?
  • How to run tests?
  • How to evaluate tests?
1 day
Advanced Testing
For testers and test managers
  • Xray Bacis, functionality, test structures
  • How does the test automation work?
  • How to set up a test and which steps are important?
  • How to create and run regression tests?
  • How to create and run functionality tests?
  • How to create and run integration tests?
  • How to create and run acceptance tests?
1-2 days
Testing for Administrators
  • What does the configuration for administrators in Xray look like?
  • How to configure projects?
  • How to import tests and relevant data?
  • How to integrate other apps?
  • How to use JQL functions and REST API?
0,5 days
Test Automation
  • How does the test automation work?
  • How to connect Bitbucket and Bamboo for test automation?
  • How to create self-executing tests?
2 days


Xpand IT is a worldwide well-known expert in Big Data, Business Intelligence and more. As Platinum Solution Partner  and Platinum Top Vendor for Atlassian products Xpand IT develops tools for test management, visitor management etc.

Xray, a tool with maximum testing environment, allows users to test efficiently through:

  • Connection to issues
  • Automated Cucumber tests in your mother tongue
  • Requirement status calculation incl. sub-requirements
  • Unplanned test execution
  • Real time, fully customizable reports
  • Ready to go REST-API on the basis of Jira
  • And much more

We adjust our Jira training to the attendees’ knowledge about Jira and the goal of the training:

  • Xray for Beginners
  • Xray Advanced
  • Xray for Admins
  • Xray for Test automation

We are able to organize the training in your company, online or in our office in Stuttgart.

The length depends on content, knowledge and goal. In general it takes up to 2 days.

We offer the training in German and English.

Our trainings are always presented by our qualified consultants.

Depending on the attendees’ knowledge we are going to talk about some basics. If there already are specific questions concerning features or individual projects, we will talk them through. The training contents will be modified depending on the clients wishes.

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