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How to get started with Confluence

Confluence is driving forward central knowledge management and easy collaborations for teams and projects. Find out in our Live demo why you should not miss out on Confluence’s opportunities and get more insights into the most useful functionalities.

Speaker: Anton Freyr – Atlassian Consultant

Webinar DE: 21/09/2021 – 11 AM CET

Webinar ENG: 28/09/2021 – 3 PM CET

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Date & Time

Content marketing with Confluence

Confluence serves as useful tool for multiple teams – even for marketing and in content creation. We present why and how!

Target audience: Confluence beginners, content strategists, marketing manager

End of July

Dashboards in Jira

Dashboard creation, management and utilization: Get started with Jira Dashboards in our webinar. We will present you in a live demo the different use cases and benefits of Jira Dashboards.

Target audience: Jira Beginners, Jira Advanced, Team leads, Project lead, Project manager


Jira Project administration

Administrating projects in Jira starts with getting to know the settings. We will show you in a live demo your basic project administration set up in Jira.

Target audience: Project leads, Project manager, Team leads, Jira Beginners, Jira Advanced


Jira Reporting

We showcase how Jira allows report by default and how to extend the functions for your individual use cases.

Target audience: Jira Beginners, Jira Advanced, Project leads & managers, Team leads


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About Actonic

As an IT consulting company from Stuttgart we want to share our knowledge:

  • Our webinars are suited for beginners als well as for experienced users
  • We showcase industry relevant products & tools
  • We present live solutions
  • We present use cases & hot topics
  • We answer your questions

Platform: We schedule our webinars on zoom.

Languages: Our webinars are conducted in German and English.

Speakers: Our speakers are experienced experts in their area.

Your questions about our webinars answered

In general everybody can join our webinars. The expected knowledge level varies from topic to topic. Some webinars are targeted for beginners, which will contain the respective title then. Other webinar topics require first experience with the relevant tool. In most cases, you do not need any technical knowledge, like admins or developers do. Only if the webinar is targeted towards them directly. In this case you will be able to find it out through the title as well.

By attending our webinar, you will get the chance to hear experts speak about the respective topic and company relevant content. Furthermore, you are able to send in all of your questions, which will be answered. After the webinar, you will receive the exclusive recording and, if wished, other content like FAQs, articles etc.

Under no circumstance we try to sell you something in our webinar. When scheduling and working out the topics, we always keep your benefit and interest in mind. Our main goal is to present solutions and inform or help you. There is no sales offering being placed. If our apps are part of the presented solution, we will display them, but only in connection to the topic.

Clear answer: no! You will not receive advertising. After the webinar we will send you the exclusive recording. Even if you’ve decided to sign up for our newsletter while signing up to the webinar on zoom, you will receive no advertising. Our newsletter is being sent once a month and contains updates for our services and apps. Other mails you could receive contain new webinar dates for relevant topics you might be interested in. At any time you will have the chance to unsubscribe.

In case you want to sign up through our website, you will find sign up buttons. On other channels, like in our newsletter or on Social media, you will find buttons or links. In each case you will be forwarded to zoom, which is our platform for webinar presentations. Here you will fill out a few simple fields and are signed up afterwards.

In the webinar you will have the option to send in questions in the chat. Feel free to do so during the webinar, because some questions can be answered written. More complex questions will be answered by the speaker in the designated Q&A round at the end or we will provide an exclusive FAQ for you.

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