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Atlassian Licences

Sales & Management

Developers, procurement managers and project managers will be familiar with this situation:

A team is requesting a new software. Therefore, a license has to be acquired. Maybe in the future the users count is growing and the license needs an upgrade to the next tier. Or you would like to move your app to another instance, from Cloud to Server/Data Center or the other way around. Renewals for all of these licenses are due at different times. And someone has to stay on top of everything.


Purchasing and administrating licenses for Atlassian products from the marketplace can be extremely time consuming. If the renewal of an app or the purchase of a new one is planned, it might get even more complicated. If different applications and add-ons have different renewal deadlines, someone has to track them. Otherwise a license is going to expire, whole projects could be on hold and teams without a working environment.

As a successful Atlassian Solution Partner we take over your complete license management – from sales up to administration – for free.

Request license management for free:

Your Benefits:

  • Different payment options
  • Quick support
  • Co-terming for licenses with different deadlines
  • German-speaking support by Actonic
  • Individual currency
  • Discounts for different marketplace apps

Our Services

What license administrators usually have to do:
  • Choose and buy the right license
  •  Upgrades
  • Administrate license contracts
  • Administrate license operational time (Renewal/Termination)
We take care of these tasks for you at no charge:
  • Overall license management for Atlassian ecosystem
  • Consulting for licenses
  • License purchase (by Actonic, Atlassian or other vendor)
  • Administration of license contracts (Renewal, termination, upgrade etc.)
  • Co-timing for different license deadlines

Practical example for co-terming of licenses:

  • Project lead Doe is purchasing a license for product A on 1.1.2020 and a license for product B on 1.7.2020.
  • On 1.6.2020 he is upgrading product A.
  • Project lead Doe has to decide on time if he wants to renew the license for both products, therefore he has to remember both dates.
  • If he is missing the deadline, the license and respective system is going to shut down. Worst case: the team does not have the ability to work anymore.
  • In case of an upgrade, the invoices will be calculated differently for the rest of the year.

Focus on your daily business – we support you in your license management.

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