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Your migration support to Atlassian Cloud

Future-proof Jira & Confluence instances with huge potential

Are you longing for giving up laborious server administration? With the end of server licenses at Atlassian, Cloud is the new future. Cloud instances come with multiple benefits for companies. Find out how we support you in decision-making and migrating your individual system in order to unfold your Cloud instance potential.

Less effort, infinite options – explore Cloud
& save up to 140 %

With Atlassian Cloud you improve your ...

  • Scalability
  • Profit
  • Performance
  • Productivity

We will help you with

  • Setting up an individual migration plan
  • Migrating your Jira with all projects
  • Migrating your Confluence with all spaces
  • Migrating Bitbucket, BigPicture, Bamboo & Co
  • Migrating individual configurations & apps
  • Identifying migration risks and solving them

Benefits of Cloud over Server & Data Center


  • No own server needed
  • Easy maintenance
  • No minimum requirement for work spaces
  • No minimum user tier
  • Monthly payment
  • Payment per User
  • No manual updates needed
  • Cheaper prices

Server & Data Center

  • Own server needed
  • Regular maintenance for own server
  • Self-reliancy for security, data protection, functionality & performance
  • Manual upgrades needed
  • Minimum user tier

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Step-by-Step to your new infrastructure with Cloud

Migration plan

Phase 0: Qualification

  • We talk about your motivation for migrating to Cloud, your instance size and the complexity of migration.
  • We talk about and to user, teams and stakeholders involved in a possible migration.
  • We define restrictions and requirements for data protection.
  • We get an overview of used apps, individual configuration and data.

Phase 1: Assessment

  • We check cloud-readiness of your IT architecture and instances. We use migration support from Atlassian, in the Cloud Migration Playbook and from a Migration Manager.
  • We create price plans for your instances, apps and migration costs.
  • We verify support requirements for end users.
  • We check security standards and your possibilities with Cloud.
  • We create a first draft for your migration strategy.

Phase 2: Plan

  • We define your domain, user tier, migration method and roadmap.
  • We set up a test instance for Cloud.
  • We define your internal and external migration team.

Phase 3: Prepare

  • We take the necessary precautions for the migration.
  • We define your strategy, migration path and communication for Atlassian.
  • We check necessary Cloud access and settings.
  • We clean-up your self-hosted instances and data.
  • We develop training material for your users.

Phase 4: Test

  • We check test plans and data.
  • We run first test migrations with projects and data.
  • We migrate the first apps.
  • We test user acceptancy.
  • We develop further training material.
  • We support you in notifying your users.

Phase 5: Migration

  • We finalize last steps and data for migration.
  • We support you in redirecting your URL and users to Cloud.
  • We set up read-only settings for Server.
  • We migrate apps, projects and data.
  • We support you in answering migration questions from your users.
  • We check your Cloud instance.
  • We complete post-migration checks.

Phase 6: Launch

  • We run a retrospective and talk about your migration process.
  • We support you welcoming your users to Cloud.
  • We develop final training material and support you in answering questions.

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