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Report Builder: Timesheets and Data Analysis

Do not waste your time anymore filling in excessive fields and allow better decision making instead. With Report Builder: Timesheets and Data Analysis you can get comprehensive, customizable timesheets and reports within minutes. Need more freedom for specific parameters in your report? Build your own using HTML and JavaScript right inside the app.

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Our complete framework for
any Jira report you might ever need!

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Your Benefits

Deep integration:
Report Builder works on top of Jira

Manage multiple
teams & projects

Use customizable templates
from the integrated gallery

Allocate your
resources efficiently

Share your reports
with your team

Build individual reports
through coding

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Have a look at our comparison with Tempo Timesheets and see why we think you should choose Report Builder.

How Report Builder will help you
in your daily business


You are a team lead and ask yourself: How many productive hours can be invoiced for my projects? To answer this question, you need timesheets which are connected to projects and employees. With Report Builder and the section My Timesheets you are able to:

  • Log time for Jira issues via drag-and-drop
  • Configure the data of your timesheet
    by using specific filters
  • Check total hours for your timesheets
Resource Planning

You are a project manager and would like to get an overview of your teams’ capacity? You will find out what the workload looks like, once you are able to create a report with individual time logs. Report Builder offers you the numbers you need by:

  • Adding your team to Report Builder
    with just a few clicks
  • Choosing the respective team, project etc. as a parameter for your report
  • Calculating the total hours
Progress Tracking

Quickly generating extensive reports for team leads, managers or other stakeholders to find out what the status of your project looks like – said, and done. Report Builder offers you:

  • Ready-to-use templates from the gallery
  • Powerful coding framework (HTML and JavaScript)
  • Familiar visualization libraries for report design
  • Exporting your report to CSV or PDF

Gain detailed project and team insights like:

  • What is the capacity of my team and how can I manage it?

  • What is the sum of story points in my team’s scope of tickets?

  • Was the last month or quarter productive and how does it compare to the one(s) before?

  • What relationship exists between users, epics, projects and logged hours?

  • How many billable hours has my team logged for a specific project?

  • Visualize complex connections between tickets in large projects.

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What Report Builder offers

Report Builder is a powerful Jira time management tool, whose main advantage is simplicity due to its user friendly interface. You can get a simple Jira report with any user- or project-related data in just a few clicks. And it does even more – create your own report and analyze your logged time and forecast for your workload even better.

My Timesheets

  • Review your time in different views
    (calendar & timeline)
  • Set start and end date with smart date filtering
  • Group and filter by parameters like
    issue, user or project

Time Reports

  • Get reports with intuitive interface
    and automatic aggregation
  • Use different off-the-shelf templates
  • Choose filters, group bys and columns
    for data tracking
  • Export reports to CSV or PDF

Scripted Reports

  • Build custom reports with HTML and JavaScript
  • Choose designs from integrated visualization library
  • Share reports with your team
  • Export reports to CSV or PDF


  • Create teams and link them to Jira projects
  • Get an overview of tracked time for a whole team
  • Administrate your teams’ capacity

Check out our roadmap for Report Builder on Trello, to find out what new features and updates we are continuously working on.

Use these popular visualization libraries in your reports:

Google Charts

Frequently Asked Questions

General information

Who is Report Builder for?

  • For users (individual time logs)
  • For team leaders (overview of team, connecting projects to teams, creating reports)
  • For project managers (project overview, creating reports)

Which platforms is the app compatible with?

Report Builder is available for Jira Server, Data Center and Cloud.

How is Report Builder connected to Jira?

Every issue and project created in Jira can be added to Report Builder. Simply by searching for the issue name or number and dragging it into the table, the logged time is added to Report Builder. Report Builder is working on top of Jira functions.

Does your support help me getting started with Report Builder?

Feel free to contact us if you have any question concerning Report Builder. We are happy to show you every module in a demo session and our support will answer every question.

Is it possible to migrate data from other apps?

Yes, you will be able to import and export data from other apps. Find out when this feature will be available and how it works by subscribing to our newsletter.

What does the Roadmap look like?

We are continuously working on Report Builder, because our user’s requirements are decisive for us. Check out our Roadmap on Trello to find out, which updates we are planning and when they will be released.

My Timesheets

Who has access to my timesheets?

Timesheets are your personal logged time. Once you create a report, you are able to share it with a speficic user or a whole team.

How many timesheets can be created?

Report Builder and the module My Timesheets contain no limitation at all. You are able to create as many timesheets as needed.


How many people can be added to the "Teams" module?

There is no limit in the Teams module. You can add an infinite amount of members.

Is adding people in bulk possible?

Yes, people can be added in bulk by selection a specific Jira user group.

Time Reports & Scripted Reports

Which report type is the right one for me?

In Report Builder you have different report types – Timeline and Pivot reports, as well as templates in the app’s gallery and the option to customize every report due to changes to the script.

→ In Timeline you will see the logged time in connection to a Jira issue in a timeline view.

→ In Pivot reports you are able to pick out a custom view on the logged time, for example not in relation to time, but in relation to a a project and with customized columns.

→ We developed different templates to choose from in the extensive in-app gallery, which contain different graphs and the possibility to create invoices.

→ By changing the HTML code and JavaScript of your reports, you are able to decide yourself which data appears in your individual report.

How am I able to edit the HTML and JavaScript of a report?

Once you’ve chosen a template from the report gallery, you are able to click on the tab “template” or “script” and change the design or the shown information. The preview will show you what it looks like. You can however also create a completely new report from scratch without being limited by the gallery. The possibilities are truly endless.

Which exporting formats for reports are possible?

You are able to export your reports to CSV or PDF.

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