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Is Salesforce the CRM system for you? Part 1

The customer's expectations of companies are high these days. The associated pressure on companies to compete in the market is even higher. But how does a company manage to retain the customer in a sustainable way, without using too much time and resources? CRM is the keyword.

Why everyone using Jira must be GDPR-compliant

Penalties in case of GDPR violations can sum up to multiple millions of dollar. We explain why you should pay attention to GDPR laws in relation to your Jira and give first solutions on how to achieve compliance with a GDPR tool.

Customer Support KPI

SLA, First Response Time and Created vs. Resolved are important key metrics (KPIs) in customer support teams. We explain how you can calculate some of them and what is important to know about KPIs.

Report Builder: Version 3.1.16 Release Notes (Cloud/Server/DC)

The newest update for our app Report Builder contains multiple new and useful features for different report types, for example new aggregation options and additional options for custom fields.

A universal tool, part 1 – The benefits of using Jira in different departments

Jira is a great tool to use across different departments. Forget that paperwork – switch to Jira and get that tasks done smoothly. Through our article we will show you how to use Jira in Marketing, Human Resources, Finance and Customer support.