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Report Builder: Version 3.1.18 Release Notes (Cloud/Server/DC)

In our new Report Builder release we've made several improvements for different sections of the app: a specific report, Quick Reports as well as Scripted Reports. Report creation and exporting options are more neatly looking and easy to use.

Search for personal data in Jira and Confluence

Looking for an effective, safe and quick way to find personal data in your Jira and Confluence instance? We explain why you should, in case you don't and give you the solution on how to.

Data privacy in healthcare: Are Jira and Confluence HIPAA-compliant?

DSGVO, GDPR, HIPAA etc. Data privacy laws are increasing. We explain what HIPAA means in relation to the healthcare industry and give first approaches on becoming HIPAA-compliant in Jira and Confluence.

Using labels in Jira

Do you want to use the label functions in your Jira, but don't know how? In this article, we explain how labels are used and show you where the setting area is and how you can display labels ind Jira in your backlog and in your active sprint tn the card layout.

A universal tool, part 2 – The benefits of using Jira in different industries

In the second part of our article series "A universal tool", we will show you how business units of different industries are using Jira and give you inspiration for your own usage of the software.