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Tips & Tricks

Show all Jira issues and subtasks for one Epic

Do you want to know how to collect all existing Jira issues and their subtasks for a specific epic in your project? Use this tip for Jira’s advanced search queries and get your answer!


Assign Jira issues to multiple users

Do you want to assign your issue in Jira to more than one assignee? In this guide, we will introduce you to four ways to assign your Jira task to multiple users. We demonstrate you the different possibilities and workarounds.


Resolve app conflict in Confluence: Activity Stream macro + Refined

Actonic presents how you can quickly solve an appearing loading error for Confluence’s macro Activity Stream in combination with the designing tool Refined in two simple steps.


Save time with Easy Dropdown Menu in Confluence

In this article we introduce you to the Easy Dropdown Menu Plugin and the different ways to use it. The Easy Dropdown Menu allows dropdown lists to be inserted on Confluence pages and you are able to define the dropdown values yourself.


Page Tree Versioning in Confluence

Explore and compare how you can configure your Confluence page tree versioning settings with Comala Publishing, Scroll Versions or Listener development and adjust it to your needs.