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Tips & Tricks

Mandatory attachment requirement for a specific status in Jira

A user requires a mandatory PDF attachment for a specific workflow transition? In our tips & tricks article you will be able to find the answer in only few simple steps – explained with some useful screenshots.


Xray vs Xporter – Exporting Options Compared

Thinking about getting started with test management tools like Xray and wondering about different exporting options? We’ve compared Xpand IT’s test management apps Xray and Xporter in detail.


Assignable users in Jira

Assignable users are those users that an issue can be assigned to. Do you need to limit the number of assignable users in Jira per issue type to only specific users? Try these simple steps below.


Changing fields for certain issue types

MOST READ • Do you want to remove a field from the story task type? But the story task type is in the same screen mask schemas as other task types? We’ll explain to you how it works.


Removing a screen’s field in Jira

Screens group all the fields that are available in Jira projects. In some cases, you may be required to remove one of the fields. How do you do it? In this article we will explain it to you. Just follow the steps below.