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Atlassian Confluence training

Knowledge management & collaboration

Confluence is a useful tool for collaboration and knowledge management in companies. It can be used by various departments for multiple purposes, for example for process development or content marketing. Its’ broad functionalities ( for example Jira-linking, parallel processing and history timeline) allow for effective collaboration when working together on documents and pages.

Training variants & content

Topic & target group Content Duration
Confluence basics
  • What is Confluence and how do I use it?
  • What are spaces and hierarchies in Confluence?
  • What are pages and what are their features?
  • How do I use templates?
  • What are macros and how do I use them?
  • How can teams collaborate in Confluence?
  • How do I administrate profiles?
  • How do I import and export content?
1/2 day up to 1 day
Confluence extensions
  • What are macros, where do I find them and how do I use them?
  • What are features of pages?
  • How do I organize pages in the table of contents?
1/2 day up to 1 day
Confluence for space administrators
  • Confluence basics
  • Administrating and deleting spaces
  • User administration and access rights
  • Design for Confluence pages
1/2 day up to 1 day
Confluence for system administrators
  • Confluence basics
  • Administrating and deleting spaces
  • User administration and access rights
  • Licence models
  • Linking Confluence with other apps
1/2 day up to 1 day
Structuring spaces & pages
  • Using labels
  • Best practices for structuring and organizing spaces & pages
  • Best practices for access rights
  • Using macros
1/2 day up to 1 day

Practical example

A new Confluence page is to be created by your team, but first other responsible teams have to collect ideas for the new process or product,

  • Jira issues and other sources are linked to the page,
  • The page will be available to everybody in the team/company or you are able to share it with specific users and define their access,
  • Using collaboration functions like (inline-)comments every stakeholder can bring in their ideas,
  • The History timeline provides an overview of the changes that have been made to the page,
  • The final draft will be transferred to the required system,
  • Your Confluence page can be saved and archived.

We adjust our training to the attendees’ knowledge and goals, which is why everybody can join.

  • Confluence basics
  • Confluence for space administrators
  • Confluence for system administrators

We are able to organize the training in your company, online or in our office in Stuttgart.

The duration depends on the content, attendees’ knowledge and goal. It may vary from a few hours up to 1 day.

We offer the training in German and English.

Our trainings are delivered by our qualified consultants. All our trainers have a wealth of experience from working on multiple Jira projects for customers. Many of them hold an Atlassian certificate.

Depending on the attendees’ knowledge we will start with some basics. If there are specific questions concerning features or individual projects, we will talk them through as well. The training can be interactive: the participants will log in during the training and try out the steps and features. It is also possible to present everything and organize a Q&A session afterwards.

Feel free to contact us to schedule your training!

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