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Show all Jira issues and subtasks for one Epic

Everyone working with Jira is constantly on the hunt for handy functions to get a better overview of issues. If Jira is being used daily by multiple users in (project)teams, the list of tickets (issues) quickly sums up. And hundreds of them could be linked, some of them even by being tasks and subtasks. Collecting them could be a struggle for dispersed teams.

The problem:

Oftentimes, team or project leads want to collect issues to get the status or to send out bills for a customer project. Without a trick, they would be forced to search for all tickets with subtasks manually, which would entail looking for epics, stories, tasks and subtasks. As you can image, this could be very time-consuming.

The solution:

By following this short instruction, you will be able to collect all issues and their subtasks belonging to a specific epic. What you need: JQL beginner knowledge and this JQL query for the advanced search.

  1. Go to the advanced search in Jira

2. Type in this query:

project = XX AND “Epic Link” = YYY OR parent in (“YYY”)

Replace the X with your project name, replace the Epic Link with your Epic, that you would like to get the tickets for. Here is an example of how the Marketing team at Actonic would collect issue belonging to the project Marketing with the Epic “Articles”

Alternative Query:

  • project = XX AND “Epic Link” = YY OR parentEpic = YY

We hope this JQL-tipp helps! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at

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