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Custom Jira Scripts with Report Builder: Part 6

Report Builder report
“Service Management: Key metrics”

In order to measure and increase productivity, Service management teams and leaders need to know their key metrics. One important key figure is the number of created support tickets and the reply time for those tickets. One way of tracking them is by using our Report Builder report “Service Management: Key metrics”. It will help you to quickly and easily get an insight into key figures on your overview tab in your Jira dashboard.

The report displays month-over-month change for important metrics in your support team. By defining the scope in the visible scope picker, you can choose for which project you want to see metrics for. It will showcase the number of tickets for the current 30-day period and includes the percentage by which the number has increased or decreased compared to the 30 days before. It is also calculating the median reply time.

The metrics are:

  • Tickets created during the last 30 days
  • Median first reply time: Median amount of time between ticket submission and first reply by support representative.

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