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Custom Jira Scripts with Report Builder: Part 7

Report Builder report
“Top Tickets by Engagement”

When you’re working in multiple teams or projects, you would like to stay on top of the amount of your tickets. Especially when working in support and solving issues for users/customers. By getting a better overview, you will be able to quickly decide which tickets should be solved first or which ones need more attention. How? By using our Report Builder report “Top Tickets by Engagement”. It will show you a list of tickets with defined engagement.

The order of the mentioned list can by default be defined by the amount of comments, votes or updates. But our report Top Tickets by Engagement is a Scripted Report, so it can also be adjusted with additional fields in HTML code or JavaScript. For example:

  • Adding the field “user picker”
  • Adding the “range picker” to make choosing the correct period of time easier
  • And many options more

By keeping an eye out for those tickets in the appearing list and the linked activity, you will be able to evaluate the importance, priority as well as problems and plan your next steps.

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