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Quick Start Guide for Test Management in Jira

Quality management as an important component in a development cycle – Xray and Jira as tools for test management.

Successful test management with Xray and Jira

As an Atlassian and Xpand IT partner we enable you to plan, execute and evaluate tests successfully – with a symbiosis of Jira functions and test management tools. Therefor we present you Jira and its functions, show other useful Atlassian apps and tell you 9 tips for choosing the right test management tool.

The Jira app Xray of our partner Xpand IT unites these 9 tips. In this German e-book you will find out how test management with Xray looks like and what else the app has to offer.

Table of content

  • Introduction
  • Test management & Software Development Lifecycle
  • Why using Jira for test management?
  • Choosing test management tools
  • Introducing Xray in Jira

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German version:

In order to download the free e-book, please fill out the contact form on our German page with your data and click “Download-Link erhalten”.

English version:

Visit Xpand-ITs website and download the english e-book over there.