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Report Builder: Version 3.1.15 Release Notes (Cloud/Server/DC)


  • Improvement: We added a translation to Russian. You can switch the UI language between English, German and Russian. Please contact us if you would like to see any other language supported.
  • Bug Fix: You are only able to see the “create team” button, when your user has the right permissions now.
  • Bug Fix: The Report dashboard used to show the loader icon 2 times when data appeared, we now fixed it.

All Reports

  • New Feature: The app remembers your report configuration when you save a report. When you try to create a new one, an offer will appear to apply the input parameter from the previous report.
  • New Feature: We implemented a new option called “Sum subtasks” to parent issue. If selected parent issues are estimated, the estimation will include the information from all child issues as well.
  • New Feature: We added a display of “Parent issue key” to all subtasks.


  • New Feature: We added a weekly view and detailed weekly view and it provides the ability to see events in different periods and layouts. Monthly view will stay as default view for new reports.
  • New Feature: You are able to define now which issue fields will be shown on the event itself and which on the pop-up window.
  • New Feature: We made it possible to set an “Event Start Time” only and the event will be shown as a “full day” event.


  • Improvement: We changed the default hierarchy structure to “Epic>Standard issue types>Subtask issue types”. In our new release we are going to add “Feature” or “Initiative” level configuration above the Epic, to support SAFE and Portfolio issue hierarchies.