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GDPR (DSGVO) and Security for Confluence

GDPR (DSGVO) and Security für Jira

Your complete toolkit to become fully GDPR (DSGVO) compliant in a painless and swift way, required by current EU law.

Use the features outlined below to handle announcements, get consent, anonymize personal user data, set up rules for automatization, access statistics and more – as an world leading expert for EU GDPR tools in the Atlassian ecosystem we provide everything you need to cover your back.

Available for Confluence Server, Confluence Cloud and Confluence Data Center.


Data Rules

Define data processing rules to make sure you do not miss any personal data, which needs to be cleaned up (or even deleted).

Personal Data Monitoring

Keep track of any personal data you handle (emails, phone numbers, SSN, credit card numbers Visa, Mastercard etc.). Make accurate and comprehensive reports about the personal data you collect, store and process for customers or regulators within seconds.

Accepting privacy policy

Clearly inform users about your privacy policy and give them an opportunity to accept it before using Confluence.

More Details

Become fully compliant with the GDPR requirements in a swift and easy way:

  • Getting consent. Create easily customizable announcements (for example, user agreements and notifications) and get the consent you need;
  • “Right to erasure”. Use simple CQL queries and anonymize personal data across Confluence without having to delete valuable information. Preview changes before permanent anonymizing;

Data protection by design and by default ensuring:

  • Personal data monitoring – track any personal data you have (emails, phone numbers, SSN, credit card numbers etc.) and find it within seconds;
  • Data rules – define rules and automate processes to ensure data protection by design and by default, for example, delete financial reports every month, erase personal data on time, etc.;

2 indispensable tools for DPOs:

  • Access statistics – trace particular users’ activities (what spaces they got access to);
  • Permission monitoring – track all the changes in spaces and global permissions in Confluence, for example, see who and when granted access to the user, and get the history of rights for any user.

Have all your GDPR needs covered with a single app. Keep ahead of the rules and leverage all the benefits of safe data handling.

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