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FastTrack – Easy Worklog Reports

Quick and easy worklog report, perfect for tracking time in Jira. Calculate logged time, create automated reports in a few clicks and get useful insights into your business.

Available for Jira Server, Jira Cloud, Jira Data Center and Jira Service Desk.



Flexible configuration

Use JQL, date period and only required columns to get a clear custom report. Analyze information at different levels to increase the accuracy of your estimates and drive productivity.

Export results

Export results to CSV for future analysis, charting and data manipulation.

Get total results, navigate easily

Automatically display total results for calculated fields. Scroll down and see table headers which are always visible now.

Calendar View

More Details

FastTrack – Easy Worklog Reports is a powerful Jira time tracking tool, whose main advantage is simplicity. You can get a one-page Jira report with any user- or project-related data you need in just a few clicks:

  • get reports on the go thanks to an easy and intuitive interface and automatic aggregation;
  • create custom Jira reports using JQL for advanced and extended search;
  • set a start and end date with smart date filtering to create reports for any period you need;
  • group and categorize timesheet results by various criteria such as Issue Key, Users, Project, Component, Fix Version, Label or Date;
  • calculate total logged time in days, hours and minutes;
  • export reports to CSV or PDF for internal and external use;
  • review your own time reporting in a convenient calendar view, switch between monthly and weekly view;
  • adjust access settings and restrict access to predefined groups or users;
  • get powerful reporting and know exactly where time is spent.

Do not waste your time filling in excessive fields or struggling with overcomplicated dashboards. With FastTrack – Easy Worklog Reports you can get a comprehensive timesheet report within minutes. Calculating logged hours has never been faster!

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