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Atlassian Jira training – learning by doing

Jira is an effective Atlassian web application for task and project management in businesses. Through workflows, tasks, scrum boards and many more features, projects can be planned and tracked properly, while team members are organized and work effectively.

In addition to Jira’s main application, there are a lot of customizable apps with different features. As an Atlassian partner we present you in our Jira training the web-interface, showcase the usage of different features and combinations of Jira with different Atlassian, Actonic or partner products.


Need good reasons for a Jira training?

  • Adjustable, up-to-date content
  • Suitable for every knowledge level
  • Interactive: test the application yourself
  • Working with a customized solution rather than a simple product

Variants & Content


Topic & target group
Content Duration
Jira basics
  • What is Jira and what is it used for?
  • How is Jira organized?
  • How do you work effectively in Jira projects?
1 day
Jira Agile
  • What is Jira and what is it used for?
  • How is Jira organized?
  • What does Agile mean in correlation to Jira?
  • What is Scrum, Kanban, backlog und sprint?
  • How do you work with Jira Agile?
1 day
Jira for project managers or admins
  • What role assignments are possible in Jira?
  • What are versions in Jira?
  • What are components and how do you use them?
  • Learn everything about project overview via dashboards, filters and more
1 day
Jira reports
  • How is it possible to evaluate Jira and what is the purpose?
  • What are reports and dashboards?
1 day
Jira for advanced
  • How do JQL Basic and Advanced work?
  • How do you use dashboards effectively?
  • What kind of reports are available and how do you use them?
1 day
Jira for system administrators
  • Issues and their configurations
  • How do you use the configurations properly?
  • Project-area in detail
  • User management
  • Information about errors and how to fix them
2 days


We adjust our Jira training to the attendees’ knowledge about Jira and their goals:

  • Jira for beginners
  • Jira for project managers
  • Jira for system administrators

We are able to organize the training in your company, online or in our office in Stuttgart.

The length depends on content, knowledge and goal. It could vary from a few hours up to 2 days.

We offer the training in German and English.

Our trainings are always presented by our qualified consultants. They are either qualified through Atlassian with a certificate or are active parts of customer-projects in Jira and impress with a lot of experience.

Depending on the attendees knowledge we are going to talk about some Jira basics. If there already are specific questions concerning features or individual projects, we will talk them through. The training can be with active participants. It is possible to log-in during the training and try the steps and features. If more useful, it is also possible to present everything and organize a Q&A afterwards.

Feel free to contact us via email or give us a call to schedule your training!

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