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Focus on people

Whatever you do and wherever you work, you engage in communication and collaboration. Teams get bigger over time – new members join, others leave. However, working methods are rarely cleanly defined and rigorously maintained from the beginning. Growth always brings potential for improvement. Whatever your department – Management, IT / Software Development, Human Resources, Marketing, Public Relations, Accounting or Shipping – there are processes that can be optimized. The combination of the right software customized to your specific needs and intensive training is the key to tailor-made solutions that really work and create significant added value.

At Actonic, we believe in solutions for people rather than software for companies.

In our projects, we focus not on the software we use, but primarily on the people who work with it. Solving their problems is our priority. Analyzing the challenges they are facing and translating their requirements into the right tools – that is what we are especially good at! Thorough analyses carried out by our experts we provide clarity where there was confusion. From the very beginning, we see ourselves as partners to our customers, whose goals we achieve together. New systems always require some rethinking and re-evaluating. Our experienced consultants know that this is at least as important as the perfect technical solution. They put forward clear advantages and motivate people by giving them an opportunity to completely transform the way they work. Such an approach helps the team understand the need for structural changes and embrace them. These changes ultimately lead to greater satisfaction in many areas and result in economic benefits, such as saving time and money.