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Click & Run

Click & Run by Actonic - Your one-click solution for flexible Jira and Confluence instances
How it works
Setting up server environments has never been easier. Create or delete hosts with a click of a button and switch between versions effortlessly.
Learn how to focus on your work instead of worrying about infrastructure.

New Host in minutes

Click on the “plus” icon in the top left corner and choose name, application and version number. A few minutes later your server is ready to use.

Instant Servers

Even faster: select one of the available options from the server pool. It will appear in your list immediately and is ready to use right away.

Start & Stop Servers

Your license plan determines how many servers you can have running simultaneously. Use the playback-like controls to activate and suspend them.

Full Control

Operate your servers using actions. Open instances passwordless, show credentials, duplicate or delete them – just to name a few!

Your Benefits
Click & Run allows you to improve your workflow in a lot of use cases. Here’s what you can do and how it will make your life easier on a daily basis.

Save time, reach your goals

Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily create your own servers in just a few minutes, without help from your IT guys? With Click & Run, you can be even quicker using “Instant Servers”, being able to log in and start working immediately.

Handle your own instances

Click & Run makes managing hosts as easy as working with text documents. Create, delete, rename and more: The system executes all required actions automatically, in the background. Do it all yourself, hassle-free.

Risk-free operation

Testing unproven software on your own server can be risky. Luckily, Click & Run is completely independent from any of your corporate IT infrastructure and can’t impact it in any way. That’s what we call bullet proof security.

Feel the flexibility

With Click & Run’s one-click mentality, compatibility tests were never that easy. Enjoy the freedom this elegant solution provides by allowing you to flexibly generate and get rid of as many servers as you need.

Plans & Pricing
Begin by creating a free account and launch a 2 day trial of our “Starter” plan. Subscribe to “Starter” to experience the benefits of Click & Run long-term. Upgrade to “Advanced” or “Premium” to expand the number of servers as needed.


Small teams, Startups,


Active Server


Total Servers

49,– €

per month (annual billing)

Monthly billing also available at 55,– € / month.
Payment by credit card via Stripe.


Growing or medium-sized
businesses, Trainers


Active Servers


Total Servers

99,– €

per month (annual billing)

Monthly billing also available at 55,– € / month.
Payment by credit card via Stripe.


Large teams, big companies,
power users


Active Servers


Total Servers

299,– €

per month (annual billing)

Monthly billing also available at 55,– € / month.
Payment by credit card via Stripe.

Custom Plans

We can provide special plans for clients with higher-order or individual needs, such as Enterprise customers. If you are looking for a unique package, please contact our sales department for details.

Configuration & Support

If you need assistance, for example with customization of workflows, setup of Kanban boards or permission management, our engineers and consultants are available. Just let us know how we can help you.

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