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Bulk import of tests into Jira with Xray Test Case Importer

You are about to merge several Xray instances and now want to import a large amount of tests into your Jira instance? Then the Xray Test Case Importer is exactly the right tool. In this article, we show you important expert tips and tricks for a quick import success.

How to easily manage remote Agile teams

As an Agile project management tool, Jira combines all the essential points when working with remote teams. In this article, we want to introduce you to the challenges and advantages of remote teams and explain the benefits of Jira.

Easily track project progress and make it transparent to stakeholders

Open tickets with the highest priority overlooked? This can't happen to you with a structured project status report. Report Builder's report type allows you to view your progress on various projects and different statuses with absolute precision. In this article, we will explain how to revolutionize your project management with this report.

Team management in Jira: Create, organize and link teams in Report Builder

Jira Teams ensure that information about a project is made available to all the people working on it as quickly as possible. But managing teams, including assignments and links, is not always easy. With the "Teams" module of Report Builder, you can do it in no time at all. Here you can read how it works.

Excel style in Confluence: filter tables, organize columns, calculate values

You are familiar with the problem: Tables in Confluence are not as intuitive to edit as you know it from Excel, for example. Small changes require many clicks, and you have to switch back and forth between modes. Use our solution, and you will save time and valuable resources. Read now!