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Is Salesforce the CRM system for you? Part 3

In the third and last part of our Salesforce article series “Is Salesforce the CRM system for you?” we have a look if every company can use Salesforce and what are the advantages and disadvantages for different company sizes such as start-ups or enterprises.

Custom Reports in Jira

In this article, we will show you how to use the functions of time tracking in Jira. Afterwords, we will teach you how to expand those functions in an easy and simple way and how you can create every report you might ever need.

Is Salesforce the CRM system for you? Part 2

Salesforce can meet a wide range of needs through the different clouds and integrated tools. It stands out as a system especially due to the user-friendly interface. The user is not bound to processes or workflows while using it and can work flexible at any time or place. These benefits allow Salesforce to support many departments and be widely used across each company.

Introduction to JQL: Standard & advanced search in Jira

Is Jira part of your daily business? Then you would have a look at JQL's functions and benefits. We present the details of standard and advanced search in Jira to look for issues and give practical examples.

Is Salesforce the CRM system for you? Part 1

The customer's expectations of companies are high these days. The associated pressure on companies to compete in the market is even higher. But how does a company manage to retain the customer in a sustainable way, without using too much time and resources? CRM is the keyword.