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How can a Product Owner track value? – Our Jira reporting app for your agile project management

Product Owner and Scrum Master know the importance of reporting in Jira. In our article, we show you how our App Report Builder can add immense value to your agile project management.

Report Builder vs. Tempo Timesheets – A comparison of two Jira time tracking tools

Two popular reporting solutions in the Atlassian area are the time tracking apps Tempo Timesheets and Actonic's Report Builder. This article will take a closer look at those two Jira reporting plugins and compare them.

Data privacy in healthcare: Are Jira and Confluence HIPAA-compliant?

DSGVO, GDPR, HIPAA etc. Data privacy laws are increasing. We explain what HIPAA means in relation to the healthcare industry and give first approaches on becoming HIPAA-compliant in Jira and Confluence.

A universal tool, part 2 – The benefits of using Jira in different industries

In the second part of our article series "A universal tool", we will show you how business units of different industries are using Jira and give you inspiration for your own usage of the software.

Salesforce vs. Microsoft Dynamics

With the growing importance of CRM systems in the daily business, more and more providers are appearing to the market. To give you an overview and to support you in your decision, we present the two most popular systems, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365.