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Atlassian Cloud vs. Data Center – two steps to your migration decision

Our price calculator & decision tree: Discover our free migration tools and how they support you in making a decision between Cloud and Data Center and your migration path.

Five Ways to Handle Company-Wide Communication: Using our GDPR-Suite for Jira and Confluence

Our GDPR app is even more helpful than "only" for GDPR usage. We present you five more use cases for automated, professional and useful company-wide communication. For example for your Code of Conduct, onboarding processes and other important notifications.

Debunking 4 Cloud Myths

Security, enterprise usage, diversity and performance: We debunked 4 popular Cloud myths for you, to show that rumors about Cloud platforms are nowadays not true anymore.

WalkMe: Digital Transformation Strategy

Successful Digital Transformation with a WalkMe Strategy: Let us ask you a question: Why is it important to think and talk about digital transformation in businesses today? You might be able to guess the answer: COVID-19. The worldwide pandemic taught us why a digitalized workspace should be standard in every industry.

How to measure productivity of teams & quarters?

How many billable hours has my team logged for a project? Was the last month productive and how does it compare to the one(s) before? In order to measure productivity of employees and to create correct invoices with billable hours, you need a system that entails the respective connection.