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Our purpose
Here at Actonic, customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. We strive to bring the most value possible to our clients for any given use case. To achieve this, we built a team of highly skilled professionals who give their best every day in order to help our clients cope with the challenges of the fast-paced digital world we live in.

„We see our clients as partners, working together to reach their goals. A relationship of trust makes us the perfect partner, even in difficult times.“

Gregor Kasmann, CEO

Your one-click solution for flexible
Jira and Confluence instances.

Create, discard and switch between multiple server installations
for demo, testing or training purposes in a matter of minutes.
Manage your infrastructure quickly, easily, securely and flexibly.

Actonic Solutions for Atlassian Products
Jira and Confluence are your tools of choice when it comes to collaboration and task management.
Our goal is to help you make the most of them: our apps provide speed and flexibility through extended functionality
as well as a complete toolkit to achieve full GDPR/DSGVO compliancy in a quick and easy way.
and Security
Free Trial

Become fully compliant in a painless
and swift way, required by current EU law. Manage privacy policies, find, process and remove personal data easily. Available for Jira & Confluence!

FastTrack –
Easy Worklog Reports
Free Trial

Track working time in Jira and use this app to effortlessly create list reports. This two-click, Excel-like tool requires no Jira knowledge at all. Install and create your first report in no time.

Table Editing
Free Trial

Edit table content without having to switch to edit mode. Simply double-click a cell to edit it. Supports Drag & Drop for rows and columns. All changes are stored in page history.

Show Inline
Comments in Editor
Free Trial

Modify content of a page and see all comments at the same time. No need to open pages twice or to switch between tabs anymore. The convenient solution you've been waiting for.

Who is Online
for Jira
Free Trial

See who is looking at the same Jira ticket as you at any given moment. Fully customizable in terms of UI and server performance.

PowerJQL: Extended
Search Functions
Free Trial

Utilize the power of RegEx while searching in Jira. Perform complex search functions with this invisible, yet extremely powerful app.

Fast User
Switcher (FUS)
Free Trial

Switch to a certain user from anywhere to easily diagnose problems. Track everything in an audit. Compatible with SAML Single Sign On by re:solution. Available for Jira & Confluence.

for Confluence
Free Trial

Transform Confluence into a solution to present content in a classic slideshow format. Split pieces of content into slides, customize a template using CSS and start the presentation.

History Timeline
for Confluence
Free Trial

View the history of pages in a well-arranged timeline. Zoom in and out. Quickly switch to different versions of the document. Perfect to grasp complex revisions within a page.

Attachment Manager
Free Trial

This add-on enables you to identify duplicate attachments in your Confluence system. You can use that information to consolidate the attachments and ensure the single point of truth.

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Infinite possibilities,
infinite flexibility
Even though IT is a highly technical business segment, Actonic is connecting on a personal level first and foremost. After all, your people are the heart and soul of your organization. We help them work together in a whole new way, harnessing technology already present or introducing new ones – truly unfolding your potential in the process.
Atlassian Toolstack Full Service
Our experienced consultants have a deep understanding of all Atlassian products, such as Jira, Confluence, BitBucket and Bamboo. Their high skill level allows us to provide a wide range of services to our clients, covering all steps from start to finish:
  • Installation and Migration
  • Consulting
  • Customizations and new App-Development
  • Administration
  • Training and Operation
  • 360° Support
Our extremely proficient support team makes sure that no question is left unanswered.

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Actonic and Friends
In order to provide the most effective solutions to our clients, we partner with a number of great Atlassian vendors. Their products enable us to have a wide variety of tools at our disposal to find the most appropriate one to recommend for any given use case.
Our Consulting partners:
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